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Community leaders in Denby Dale Ward have started meeting to discuss what we, the community , can do to help to reduce the spread of coronavirus in our own neighbourhood.

The first initiative is to work with Kirklees Council engagement team to ensure education and routines of our neighbours is such that we can reduce risk of cross-infection.

The second initiative is:


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2m comp.jpg

Competition Rules


1. Entries from residents of the Denby Dale Ward will only be accepted.

2. Entries are by email only, due to infection control, and sent to

3. By entering, you accept this action gives us consent from you to use your image online, and to help remind local people about the importance of social distancing in everyday life through social media marketing

4. Entries must be a photograph, depicting how your household works out how big 2m is, the social distancing measure!  We do not all have a tape measure with us...

5. Entries should include a name, address and phone number

6. There are no age limits for entries

7. There are no quantity limits for entries

8. Entries should not show house-holds meeting up (we should not be doing that!)

9. Entries could show people wearing face-coverings, to help remind people that this is important, but is not a requirement

10. Closing date is 11 October 2020

11. Entries are accepted from members, family and friends of the Denby Dale Ward community leader forum, as long as they fulfill other rules

12. ONE winner of 2m of chocolate will be announced on 18 October on Denby Dale Centre Facebook page.

13. Prize is 2m of chocolate


14. Two runners up will recieve a Wispa bar each, to remind us that we should never get close enough to anyone outside our household to whisper to them

15. No alternatives to prizes

16. If prize is rejected, the prize will be shared with two runners up; yes that is 1m of chocolate each, and we will throw in a facemask to each, because we all know the rules, 1m plus mitigation of risk, like wearing a facemask!

17. No Disputes will be entered into - this is for fun and to protect lives

18. Judges will reside outside of HD8

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