Charity Fundraiser


  • To help pupils of Moorlands School learn about loneliness

  • To support the charity work with a positive and fun fundraiser


What we do:         

  • Offer to visit school to share our work

  • Provide a Cream Tea with home delivery

Group Type:         

  • Distance sale

  • HD3 Delivery ONLY




Employed              Yes

Freelance              No

Volunteer              Yes

All our staff undergo regular training, and in addition to our Basic Training which includes Health & Safety, First Aid, Safeguarding and Covid Awareness, our people will have specific training for their roles.

All staff                                      Dementia Staff                                  Driving staff  

Basic Training                            Dementia Team Training                    Driver Training


All of our training courses are fun and engaging. We have presented a range of learning platforms that include: classroom, online, videos and booklets.  We have optional additional training available for volunteers and employed, to boost their CV and prepare for other work.

Volunteers Welcome - Click Here to Register

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Cream Tea Cost:  

For One                       £5 

For Two                       £10