• To encourage positive competive activity between the villages of the Denby Dale Ward

  • To improve the fitness, physical and mental health of local people

What we do:         

  • We will collect your daily steps walked - you choose how you monitor your own steps, by hip-step-counter, smart-phone app or to estimate a distance

  • Publish a weekly "Leaderboard" between villages

  • Available to young and not so young people, everyone can play


Group Type:         

  • Solo but working as a village team

Score will be village total divided by capita (data taken from electoral register) and published every Wednesday for the previous Monday to Sunday period. Based on honesty. No prizes, other than rivalry.


​Session frequency:

  • Daily

  • Dependent on your needs

All session times:

  • At your convenience


  • Not applicable

Covid Secure:        

  • Infection risk free - no contact face to face

Carer Welcome:    

  • Not applicable


  • Preparing Walk Routes (for the more adventurous, digitally and outdoorly)

  • Football pitch is around 100m, which is 1.5-2.0 minutes and about 140 steps.

Every Step Counts

Indoors or outdoors

Young legs or supported joints

Short walk or long hike

Don't forget to declare steps


Employed              No

Freelance              No

Volunteer              Yes

All our staff undergo regular training, and in addition to our Basic Training which includes Health & Safety, First Aid, Safeguarding and Covid Awareness, our people will have specific training for their roles.

All staff                                                                         

Basic Training                                              



All of our training courses are fun and engaging. We have presented a range of learning platforms that include: classroom, online, videos and booklets.  We have optional additional training available for volunteers and employed, to boost their CV and prepare for other work.

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Sessional Cost:       FREE

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