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Step 1 - check out your volunteer role

Step 2 - register your interest



If you are a safe driver, a caring and reliable volunteer, and you have some spare time that you are willing to use to benefit your local community, then please do give us a call and come in for a coffee and chat about what we do and work out whether it is right for you now. 


Our drivers drive:

  • Fleet minibus

Training is available for minibus drivers and other subjects, which includes infection control and manual handling.

Click here to register, anytime

Call us during office hours...

Step 3 - prepare to start volunteering

What you could do:

We know our volunteers are keen to start and to make a difference; we love enthusiasm!  Whilst  we are processing your paperwork, you could start looking at some information about your role that will be useful. Some of this is a leaflet to read whilst other bits will be a short video to watch.

If you click below, this will give you a list of information learning activities that will make your volunteering much easier. 

You could also dig out your DBS certifiate for us to register you as a driver.

What we will do:

We will be doing the following before you start your volunteering:

  • Safeguard Checks, which are 2x reference checks which are quite quick and painless for your referee, plus we need to check your DBS background

  • Introducing you to your new Line Manager so they know that you will be starting soon​​

  • You can check with your Line Manager about any further questions you have or if you wan to register on any of our training courses in our Training Centre - they will be free to you!

  • If you want to drive a minibus, the Transport Supervisor will need to check your license, and arrange for your vehicle familiarisation and wheelchair tie-down familiarisation.  You will need to complete the Fleet Driver Awareness Training too: