Local Community Action 

to relieve the impact of



Helping local isolated people

living without a network of support...

The Denby Dale Centre is teaming up with organisations around Kirklees to deliver community action to help self-isolating people who have no network of support.  It does not matter whether they have self isolated because they are feeling unwell, or because they are protecting themselves as per the government guidelines.

Our admin team is working Monday to Friday - registrations or food orders taken after 2pm on Friday may not be processed until Monday.

Service registrations and food orders will be passed on to local Covid-19 or Mutual Aid or other similar local organisations who have committed to deliver this service to you. They have the right to refuse an order.

We are offering several services:

Chatter Box

This is where you register your telephone number with us, and we pass it on to your chatter box companion, who will ring you daily during the virus outbreak.  No charges for this service.

Register to use the a Chaterbox Here.

Volunteer Dog Walking Service

We have safeguard check dog walkers available to stretch your dogs legs. Dogs will be kept on a lead at all times, and poo will be collected by the volunteer in their own bags to avoid bringing the virus into your home on the bag roll.

Register to use the Volunteer Dog Walking Service Here.


Food Delivery Service

Available across Kirklees.

This is where you order a value of shopping that our local volunteers will try to find you a selection of groceries. We do not give change due to our infection control protocols but the volunteer will try to get it as close to the value as possible. If you have dietry requirements or a specific item you need, please include in the notes box of the checkout page.

So you can pay here and the volunteer is not involved with the transaction at all. They will get your order, shop for you and deliver to your door.  For the food packs, you simply:


2. PAY



The volunteers will leave your order on the doorstep, ring the bell, knock or telephone, and then distance themselves from the door for when you answer. This is to prevent any cross infection.  Please do not try catching the driver at the door. 

Our volunteers will shop within your budget, and at the availability of products at the supermarkets - we will not bulk buy on your behalf, only provide a service to get you through the next few days.

We aim to deliver next day if you order before 3pm (15:00) but cannot guarantee this.  This service is subject to the amazing good nature of our volunteers.  Please respect the risks they are taking for you.

Your order will be passed on to local community Covid or Mutual Aid groups, who wil be committing their own volunteers to deliver your order.


  • Vulnerable to Corona Virus (70+, asmtha, heart, lungs, diabetes)

  • Invited by GP for flu-jab annually

  • Recieve letter from NHS regarding self-isolating

  • AND

  • ...with no network to help them (ie neighbour, family, etc)

Our options are:

  • £5 shopping

  • £10 shopping 

  • £15 shopping

  • £20 shopping 

  • £25 shopping

Shopping is always subject to: 

  • Volunteer availability and

  • Product availability


Volunteers may need to substitute items due to availability.

Volunteers have the right to limit to a single shop, of their choice.

BSL Zoom meeting available for anyone who needs interpreter to talk them through any online payments or further questions.  Just contact us via the contact us form and we can arrange a time between our interpretter and yourself.



Volunteers Corner

Essential Food Orders only

Limited to one of each item

Volunteers shop in only one store of their choice

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