VIRUS: Click & Collect

Click and Collect Service

This is a service where a local volunteer, who we hope will be a neighbour, will pick up your shopping from your supermarket.


This service is for people who have


and are self isolating.

Please give us a few days to arrange a volunteer, however we will try to find someone who is available on the next working day, if you tell us by lunchtime.

If you amend your order, it is likely that you will be given a new order number. It is important that you provide everthing that the volunteer requires to collect your shopping for you - if the order number changes, please update our records.


If the volunteer returns without your shopping due to missing information, it is reasonable to ask you for a fuel charge to address their out of pocket expenses.

Call us on the numbers above to request.

Bag of Groceries


The shopping service has infection control risk assessments applied to make sure both our teams and customers are safe from risk of infection.

Our staff have training to control risks - please work with them to ensure their and your own safety, by following their instructions.