VIRUS: Shopping Service

Shopping Service


Valleys Community Transport has provided a shopping service since 2005, and recently adapted that service during the Coronavirus outbreak in 2020 to include a shopping delivery service. 

The new shopping service will give a member the opportunity to submit a shopping list and to pay for the receipt amount over the phone as it is delivered.

Step 1 - give us your shopping list (01484 860077, 07952 668054)

Step 2 - we will call back to tell you when it is going to be delivered and who your volunteer shopper is

Step 3 - we will call back after the shopping, for you to pay by bank card over the phone

Step 4 - the volunteer shopper will deliver your shopping

The service area covers the whole of Kirklees.  Call if you have any questions.

Please note that volunteer shoppers may choose their store of choice, and may limit their trip to one store, again at their discretion.  Shopping List fulfillment will be at the availability of products at the store. 

This service is FREE whilst funded - however there will be a charge after this funded period to ensure the service continues, which will be operated alongside the Ring & Ride Shopper Bus service, only in areas where the Shopper Bus operates.

Vegetable Shopping


The shopping service has infection control risk assessments applied to make sure both our teams and customers are safe from risk of infection.

Our staff have training to control risks - please work with them to ensure their and your own safety, by following their instructions.