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Vision, Aims & Objectives and Values


We believe that everyone should be able to connect with other people


We aim to…

  • Connect People

  • Relieve Loneliness & Isolation, and

  • Improve Quality of Life


…by offering…

  • Activities

  • Transport and

  • Places to Meet


…to support fulfilled lives


Kindness - We promote kindness

Understanding - We acknowledge we are all different and have a desire to learn about other people’s lifestyles, in a way that helps us to help them

Inclusion - We acknowledge our Equality principles, working (reasonably) towards inclusive services and operations

Respect - Working within our Equality and Safeguarding principles, we will be considerate of our people and their ideas, situations and lifestyles

Confidentiality - We will work to keep to our Safeguarding Information principles when dealing with people

Integrity - We have good moral principles of operating to achieve our Vision and Aim

Collaboration - We work with other like-minded organisations to benefit people, working within our Aim

Connecting People

Connecting People

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