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Vision, Aims & Objectives and Values


We believe that everyone should be able to connect with other people


We aim to…

  • Connect People

  • Relieve Loneliness & Isolation, and

  • Improve Quality of Life


…by offering…

  • Activities

  • Transport and

  • Places to Meet


…to support fulfilled lives


Kindness - We promote kindness

Understanding - We acknowledge we are all different and have a desire to learn about other people’s lifestyles, in a way that helps us to help them

Inclusion - We acknowledge our Equality principles, working (reasonably) towards inclusive services and operations

Respect - Working within our Equality and Safeguarding principles, we will be considerate of our people and their ideas, situations and lifestyles

Confidentiality - We will work to keep to our Safeguarding Information principles when dealing with people

Integrity - We have good moral principles of operating to achieve our Vision and Aim

Collaboration - We work with other like-minded organisations to benefit people, working within our Aim

Connecting People

Connecting People

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12 Staff
12 Trustees
120 volunteers
146 groups we collaborate with
1,500 passenger trips per month
1,300 hours of activites enjoyed every month
1,678 stakeholders are more connected
1,800 visitors to our centres every month
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