Groups can hire accessible minibuses from the Valleys Community Transport fleet on a bespoke basis; that is that you tell us where and when you need the transport and we work with you to ensure a smoothly run transport provision is provided.

Passenger Transport

Groups can hire our fleet of accessible minibuses and include a driver in the hire.

Drivers will be safeguard cleared with the Denby Dale Centre and completed their training.  Drivers may be volunteers or employed, depending on availability.


Not for Profit

Group Transport is only available on a not for profit basis; that is for not for profit organisations AND for not for profit activities.

Not for Public

Group Transport is only available to members of the Denby Dale Centre and is not available for people or groups who are not members - do not worry, you can join if you are an individual or not for profit group. 


Therefore, group membership options are:

  • Single Use Membership £15

  • Annual Membership £30


We are now taking bookings for minibus hire for trips occuring after 4 August 2020.

Infection Control restrictions apply which you will be required to adhere to and contribute towards.


The transport service has infection control risk assessments applied to make sure both our teams and hirers are safe from risk of infection.

Our staff have training to control risks - please work with them to ensure their and your own safety, by following their instructions.

Self Drive

Groups can hire our fleet of accessible minibuses and drive them their selves.

Drivers are required to be registered with Valleys Community Transport, which involves a driving license check and to complete the Driver Awareness training/Familiarisation.  One course per year is FREE, additional courses are £30 per course, 1 to 4 drivers per course.

Self Drive hire is liable to additional cost should damage occur to the vehicle, including insurance excess charges.


The pricing structure of transport is based on the following elements and detailed on our PRICING PAGE:

  • Fuel - groups refuel the vehicle at the end of their session

  • Time - groups pay for either up to or over a six hour session

  • Driver - groups pay for driver time, including to/from depot

To confirm a booking, we require the minibus time element of the charge (either up to 6hr or full day rates) to be taken as a deposit.  We will charge for driver time and mileage after the trip which can be paid via the website, via invoice or direct debit. 


Please quote booking date against any form of payment.

Driver Training

Driver Awareness training is in two parts:

Part 1 - online self read pack based on "wider-taller-heavier-longer" and "passenger comfort".  The document has links to official training video and also a questionaire to test understanding.

Part 2 - familiarisation and drive is where a few people join together to discuss risks, operation, and general driving tips learned from part 1.  There is opportunity to practice manouvres during the drive.

Drivers are required to complete the training every two years.  We will give each group one FREE course per year, but additional courses are £30.00 per course.  Max 4 drivers per course.