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01484 860077

The Volunteer Car Service operates for individual residents of Kirklees. 

This service has been supported by the Government (Dept of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport) and the National Lottery.


  • To connect people with others

  • To overcome transport barriers

  • To reduce loneliness and isolation

What we do:

  • Volunteers drive their own car to help others

  • Passenger pays the volunteers expenses

  • Drivers are caring about other people

  • Reasonable wait time at destination

Project Type:

  • Communty Transport

  • One to One support

The service users, or passengers, of this service would be individuals who are generally:

  • Isolated

  • Lonely

  • In ill health

  • In poor mental health

  • Victims of crime

  • Disabled/Low mobility

  • Have existing transport barriers


...and living in Kirklees.

This service is not available to community groups.

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How does it work...?

Step ONE - become a member of the Denby Dale Centre

Step TWO - call us on 01484 860077 or book online (below) with your trip details, 48 hours before

Step THREE - we then find you a volunteer, hopefully, but not guaranteed

Step FOUR - we call you back with driver name and vehicle details

Step FIVE - your driver will pick you up for your trip

Trip details would include pick up address, time and date, plus destination address and any further details to make life easy.

From 1st April 2023, you will be charged £1.50 per booking, charged at the end of the month.  We will call you.


This is NOT a taxi service.  This should NOT replace using a taxi service, in fact it is intended that our members with lower confidence will grow their confidence to start using existing taxi services.  Please do not call this service a taxi service because it is nothing like a taxi service, in fact it is closer to a befriending service.

Members could use the service for the following and more reasons:

  • Shopping

  • Hospital visiting

  • Health appointments

  • Social groups

  • Visiting friends and family

If you anticipate to have luggage, you must register this at the point of booking as this may affect the driver we can use due to safe luggage storage areas of cars. 

Please note that we cannot transport wheelchairs with this service, however we do have accessible minibuses to help if you use a wheelchair. 


We will operate this service during the corona virus outbreak, as usual, it is volunteer dependant.

Please expect infection control limitations to this service, which will include:

  • Wear a face mask in the car

  • Travel in the back of the car

  • Use hand-gel before entering the car, even if you wear gloves.

Our staff can advise you further if you have any questions.




All our staff undergo regular training, and in addition to our Basic Training which includes Health & Safety, Safeguarding and Covid Awareness, our people will have specific training to their roles.

All Staff                                           

All of our training courses are fun and engaging. We have presented a range of learning platforms that include: classroom, online, videos and booklets. We have optional additional training available for volunteers and employed, to boost their CV adn prepare them for other work.

Volunteer Drivers

We welcome new drivers and although have a good team, we need more drivers as this service continues to grow.  Please visit our volunteer page to register.

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Membership        £10 per year

Booking              £1.50 per day

Mileage Charge   45p per mile

(from volunteer's home, back to volunteers's home)

What does it cost...?

Each user is required to be a member, which costs £10.00 per year, renewing in April every year.  Members have access to all other services operated by the Denby Dale Centre.

The drivers are volunteers and will claim travel expenses from their home and back to their home which is what we charge you.  This means that for the same journey, two drivers may charge you different amounts because they live different distances from your home.

The mileage cost of 45p per mile is for our admin and their expenses, and this covers fuel, insurance and wear and tear of their vehicle.

We take payment before your trip when we have confirmed the driver.  You can pay either over the phone with one of our call handlers using your bank card or alternatively register for direct debit payments.

If you extend your trip on the day, and the driver has authorised it and claims additonal expenses, we will contact you after the trip for payment of the balance.


If you cancel the trip, we will refund the trip fee less £5 up to the end of the office day before your trip.

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