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  • To help people living in the Denby Dale Ward connect 

  • To support people who cannot afford to eat out and eat healthily

  • To reduce levels of loneliness

What we do:         

  • 2-hour group sessions (see group info)

  • Optional transport 

  • Meal & drinks 

  • Mental Stimulation

  • Physical Stimulation

Group Type:         

  • Luncheon


  • Tuesday          - Denby Dale            12:00 - 14:00 - weekly

Transport available if required at additional cost

Service is subsidised directly from Cllr Simpson and Cllr McKercher ward budget

Covid Secure:        

Infection control protocols in place to protect members, staff and volunteers


Carer Welcome:    

All carers are welcome to attend, at their discretion - we are very flexible

We have enough staff so that carers can have some time to themselves


Luncheon Club poster 2024 b.jpg


“…I am happier now, which means I have patience to talk to me family again…”  member

“…mum changed after she joined the group, she isn’t as frustrated as before…” carer

“…no medication change, no routine change, it must be the group that has slowed down the progress of dementia…” clinician

"...when I am at the dementia group, I feel normal again..." member

"'s the first time I've seen mum smile; I feel like I have her back..." carer of new member



Employed              Yes

Freelance              No

Volunteer              Yes

All our staff undergo regular training, and in addition to our Basic Training which includes Health & Safety, First Aid, Safeguarding and Covid Awareness, our people will have specific training for their roles.

All staff                                      Luncheon Staff                                  Driving staff  

Basic Training                            Team Training                                      Driver Training


All of our training courses are fun and engaging. We have presented a range of learning platforms that include: classroom, online, videos and booklets.  We have optional additional training available for volunteers and employed, to boost their CV and prepare for other work.

Volunteers Welcome - Click Here to Register

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DRIVER Info Graphic.jpg
SAFEGUARDING Info Graphic.jpg
COVID Info Graphic.jpg
DEMENTIA Info Graphic.jpg
Food Info Graphic.jpg
HandS Info Graphic.jpg


Sessional Cost:  

Denby Dale Club (subsidised)

Dec 2023 and Jan 2024       £0

Feb and Mar 2024               £5

Transport Dec to Mar         £5

Transport subsidised

Please book your place prior to payment

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