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Referral Support

Please follow the following steps in the referral process when referring someone living with dementia:

Step 1 - Complete a "Carer Assessment" for the person being referred to test if the group is appropriate for you

Step 2 - Book a "Call Back" - our Dementia Champion is not available 24-7, but she has listed times reserved for you, and you are welcome to book her to call you.

Step 3 - Complete the "Referral Form" so we have your details, click here

During the call back, we will advise you on which group(s) are most appropriate for you and also check that you understand what we do and what to expect.  We will then send you out a Welcome Pack with further information about us and for us to know about our new member.  This helps us look after our members properly.

We will arrange with you a visit to the group, which is usually an hour or more, just to make the change more comfortable for someone living with dementia.

Book your referral call time here

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