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The Denby Dale Centre is the Mast PCN area Community Anchor and the Rural Lead Anchor.  As the Anchor Organisation , we are aiming to Unite - Support - Connect our local community groups and charities to help make a really strong community network of activities. 

Support may be found as training courses or it could be someone to proof-read your funding application, or it could be help to pull together a business plan, or even to set up a new community group altogether.  But we would like you to tell us what support your organisation needs, but completing this support survey.

We will host (but not necessarily chair) the following groups:

Denby Dale Ward Community Leaders Group

We will invite one nominated representative from each ward based community group, to a regular meeting, aiming to:

  • UNITE: To bring together one leader from each community organisation or project in the ward

  • SUPPORT: To support groups to be stronger and resilient.

  • CONNECT: To make sure groups know how to find members, places to meet, or the right council or NHS department


This group will start by using web-chat however it is intended to make this a face to face meeting and social.

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