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Volunteer Drivers Urgently Needed

The Denby Dale Centre launched the original minibus community transport provision in Kirklees initially for the valleys areas but this quickly grew to be a Kirklees wide service.  Today, the Denby Dale Centre operates and supports the following transport projects:

Please click on the links above for details of these services or see below for a brief summary.

Group Transport

​​Your community group, social group or school can hire an accessible minibus with or without a driver.  Especially suitable for groups with disabilities or chronic illnesses.


The trip MUST be not for profit.

The group hiring the bus must be not for profit (ie a community group)

You can hire as a one off or on a contract for regular transport.

Ring & Ride Service

This is for individuals who require pre-organised accessible transport to:

  • Time Together activities

  • Supermarkets & Shopping

  • Days Out

  • Luncheon Trips


Contact our transport team to book.



Volunteer Car Service​​

Our valued volunteers provide a one to one personalised transport service for residents of Colne Valley, Holme Valley and HD8.

Volunteers claim travel expenses from their home.

Volunteers normally wait at destination for the passenger.

Passengers can use this service for:

  • hospital visiting

  • health appointment

  • visiting friends

  • or just a shopping trip

This new service is launching this spring following our volunteer recruitment campaign.

Kirklees VCS Minibus Forum

​The Denby Dale Centre is looking for partners or interested parties to create a forum for minibus operators from the Voluntary and Community Sector to share best practice and form agreements to support each other in times of unscheduled repair.  Also, to form a Kirklees VCS Minibus Standard marque. Contact Paul Jones for further information.


​​The Denby Dale Centre employs two members of staff with CPC Passenger Transport qualification to ensure our vehicles are maintained to the DVSA standards and higher.  We operate a defect reporting scheme, scheduled maintenance, staff training and more, to self govern our systems.

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