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Welcome to the Denby Dale Centre's training centre. 

We aim to improve the quality levels of services provided by local community groups in their communities, by supporting their training needs with affordability and quality.  Our training is open to everyone, charities, businesses and individuals.

The Denby Dale Centre is Quality for Health accredited.  We offer a choice of accredited and non-accredited courses, with accredited course qualifications offered via Highfield Online Training.


Training Standards

Training providers are no longer approved or regulated by the HSE.  Instead, recognition of training is provided through a variety of possibilities, some through Ofqual, some through the First Aid Industry itself and some through an independent route.

Notes regarding HSE Training Standards and useful HSE information for organisations who have first aid responsibilities.

DDC Training have adopted the independent route with due diligence and quality controls being monitored by Quality Assurance Assessors who are independent to the Training Centre.

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First Aid Training

We provide a schedule of first aid courses (Open Courses) and can supply a group course at your own facility if required (Closed Courses).


  • First Aid At Work (3x 6 hours)

  • Emergency First Aid (6 hours)

  • Children's Basic First Aid for Parents (3 hours)

Courses by request:

  • Basic First Aid (3 hours)

  • CPR/AED Training (3 hours)


Food Safety Training

We provide a schedule of level 2 food safety courses and can supply a group course at your own facility if required.


  • Food Safety Level 2

Dementia Friends Training

We provide a schedule of Dementia Friends training, lasting around an hour long.  We can deliver this at your location or at our own site.

Minibus Driving Awareness Course

We provide a schedule of minibus driving awareness courses for our own in-house minibus fleet and spaces are available to external groups. This course is an alternative to the CTA MiDAS training which was required, however it is NOT the same course content and should not be substituted for this course.

The MDAC is respectful of a driver already passing their driving test, and with driving experience of at least two years, has their own style of driving.  The course will highlight the following five themes:

  • It's LONGER

  • It's WIDER

  • It's HIGHER

  • It's HEAVIER


Part 1 - Learning 

There is a "home-paper" to complete electronically, with links to YouTube video and a short multiple choice questionnaire to complete.  

Part 2 - Practical

There is a "practical" session to familiarise the driver with a minibus and then to have a drive where the "group" can discuss different driving styles and ask themselves if their driving can improve through sharing best practice. 


There is NO driving assessment. 


The drive will include driving in a car park and making reversing easier, with practicals (this is because all insurance incidents of DDC fleet have been in first or reverse gear, in a car park style situation).

Contact the transport office for this course: 

01484 860077 or

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Course Cancellation Policy

We value our customers, and in doing so operate a cancellation or refund policy to be clear, simple and accommodating of a changing world.

If a course is booked, a cancellation of a booking is only available as follows:


Up to 4 weeks prior to day 1 of course - 50% refund available

Between 2 and 4 weeks of day 1 of course - 25% refund available

Less that 2 weeks of day 1 of course - no discount available

No full refunds are available due to administrative costs.

Course cancellations are non-transferable.

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