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  • To provide additional financial confidence this winter

  • To help people avoid financial crisis

  • To help towards replacing broken down essential goods, like a fridge, cooker, microwave, washing machine

  • Improving life for those living in HD8, Flockton & Grange Moor

What we are doing:       

  • Small grants per household to contribute towards replacing essential goods; receipt of goods will be required

  • See also Energy Fund, Winter Care Packs, Affordable Food (Pantry) and Grocery Fund pages

  • Grants between £20 and £120, limited to once per household

  • Grant paid upon production of receipt, agreed before purchase is made upon application

Project Type:         

  • Seasonal

  • Funded by One Community 

  • Until funds are exhausted or 31st March 2024


  • Upgrading goods

  • Duplicating goods


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Choose from:

  • Call 01484 860077

  • Our Call-Handler will complete form for you

  • Our Call-Handler will confirm one week later what you will receive

  • One Off Payment direct to you


Employed              No

Freelance              No

Volunteer              Yes

All our staff undergo regular training, and in addition to our Basic Training which includes Health & Safety, First Aid, Safeguarding and Covid Awareness, our people will have specific training for their roles.

All staff                                      Christmas Day Staff                         Driving staff  

Basic Training                            Dementia Team Training                    Driver Training


All of our training courses are fun and engaging. We have presented a range of learning platforms that include: classroom, online, videos and booklets.  We have optional additional training available for volunteers and employed, to boost their CV and prepare for other work.

Volunteers Welcome - Click Here to Register

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