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The people of Denby Dale have rallied together to raised funds for their local charity, The Denby Dale Centre, and presented a massive £2,388 to the local charity this week.


Darren Thomas from @FasterFitnessSolutions knows too well the important work of the charity, having seen them supporting local people before Covid, through Covid, and keeps seeing them active and making difference to his community, and when talk to one of his gym members, who volunteers for the charity as a car driver, realised that he could help them to achieve more with a sponsored 8 workouts in 8 hours. 

The workout was:

·       60 9kg wall balls then a 250m run,

·       50 cal assault bike then a 250m run,

·       40dB snatches (22.5kg) then a 250m run,

·       30cal ski erg then a 250m run,

·       20 pull ups then a 250m run, and then finally

·       10 double press up burpees and a 250m run

…repeating every hour for 8 hours.


On completing the fundraiser, Managing Director of  Faster Fitness Solutions, Darren Thomas said “…We have been operating as a small group and personal training studio now for 6 years and in that time, managed to build a good business. Doing something to give back to the community is something we have wanted to do for a while. We discussed a couple of different ways to do this and came up with hosting a charity event to raise money for a local charity. 


A couple of our current clients are volunteers for the Denby Dale Centre and told us about the great work they do in the community, which is why we decided to make them the beneficiaries of our first event.  


We are planning to do an annual charity event every year from now on to help raise money for good causes in the community…” 


The fundraiser had sponsorship, donation points and online donors to achieve the targets, but those targets were smashed.  Payments have been made to the local charity Denby Dale Centre, and their Chief Executive Officer, Paul Jones MBE said “…we are amazed about the success of their fundraiser, and absolutely delighted with this support.  Our thanks goes out to Darren Thomas and Danny Jaques for the amazing physical effort and to the teams and members at Faster Fitness Solutions for their work and kind donations…


The local charity aims to reduce isolation, relieve loneliness and improve quality of life and does that through a series of activity projects, transport projects and places projects in our area.  Our 20-year old charity completes over 3,000 acts of connection every month with projects like our dementia groups, film club, grief café, cream teas, minibus hire, shopper bus, car transport, charity shop drop in centre, HD8 Community Pantry, training centre and a community centre…


This donation will make a massive difference to the charity, which is effected with the rising cost of living just like many other organisations and people.  The charity handed out over £10,000 in welfare grants to over 200 local families this last winter, supporting the rural community avoid financial crisis.


On behalf of our members, passengers, trustees and volunteers, thank you to Darren and Danny, and we suggest they have a rest…”


One of the charity’s trustees, recent recipient of the Kirklees Mayors Volunteer Award, Jeanette Lodge said “…it feels great that the local community can give back to this charity after the intense work through the coronavirus where the charity supported 70 other charities with the pandemic relief, as well as supporting our own communities. And, the relief it brought to our Ukraine guests, where the charity organised nearly 2,000 passenger trips uniting our visitors. More recently, the community pantry has doubled the amount of families it supports, and of course another unseen action is the role of Community Anchor and Community Champion where we have a team who support other smaller charities and groups, as well as individuals.  Thank you for all your donations, it is really making a difference at a difficult time for charities and in particular helps us to help our neighbours in HD8…”

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