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Honoured, by the local community

In recognition of the contribution that Paul Jones MBE of the @DenbyDaleCentre has made over the past few years to the community of #DenbyDale and to the community of #Kirklees, The Rotary Club of Denby Dale & District are delighted to bestow upon him the highest award that a #RotaryClub can make.


On Monday 13th May at their regular weekly meeting Paul was made a Paul Harris Fellow, an award that is usually given to Rotarians but, on occasions, awarded to Members of the public who are considered to have given above and beyond and who have made an outstanding contribution to their community.


John Purvis, President of the Rotary Club of Denby Dale and District explains "...Paul Harris, who was a solicitor in Chicago, set up the Rotary movement with the first meeting taking place on 23rd February 1905.  Since when it has mushroomed around the globe to become one of the world’s leading Charitable and Humanitarian organisations"


"...The Paul Harris Fellow award was first established in 1957 to acknowledge the contribution made by individual Rotarians and therefore the Denby Dale & District Club are proud to recognise, in this way, the dedication and commitment that Paul Jones has shown over a number of years..."

Paul Jones MBE is the Chief Officer of the Denby Dale Centre said "...I was invited to the meeting, as I have attended previously, and suddenly found them citing my history, working in the community. My face must have been a picture as their president explained the importance of the #PaulHarrisFellow. I felt immense pride in their recognition of my service."

"...I thanked those present for the honour, and told them that my present work is because I am leading a team of dedicated, amazing people, and jointly, we work because of grants that are entrusted to us, like those from the local Rotary Club, that empowers the charity to make a difference..."

Presently the Denby Dale Centre has over 30 projects that connect people, reduce loneliness and improve quality of lives, locally. If you would like to learn more about the work of the Denby Dale Centre, as referred to above, please visit


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