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First Aid Training with Charity Discount

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

The Denby Dale Centre (DDC) has worked for the last 14 years in the rural and urban communities of #kirklees and has plenty of charity and community group friends. In confidence, DDC has learned that too many groups have continued to operate without sufficient first aid, health and safety or food hygiene training provision in place. It was time we helped to put a stop to that situation, so launched a new social enterprise in summer 2018.

DDC Training Centre sells very competitively priced training courses to private businesses, with a view to openly selling the same courses at half price to community groups, charities and churches.

Training Courses include:

First Aid At Work - 3 day - £120 - Charity Price is £60

Emergency First Aid - 1 day - £60 - Charity Price is £30

AED/CPR First Aid - 1/2 day - £30 - Charity Price is £15

Moving People Safely (Drivers/Carers) - 1/2 day - £30 - Charity Price is £15

Food Hygiene Level 2 - 1 day - £60 - Charity Price is £30

Kids Basic First Aid for Parents - 1/2 day - £30 (no charity discount)

To find out more and current dates, visit

If you are buying a training course for a charity, please follow the links to the Charity Page to apply for an eVoucher for 50% discount.

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