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Driving Out Loneliness

Our #communitytransport project is seeking more and more driver volunteers to come along and help us reduce #loneliness, reduce #isolation and improve quality of life for people local to you. We are looking for someone who is caring, timely, thoughtful and a fairly good and steady driver - to make a real difference to peoples lives in and around #Kirklees.

Our services include transport for groups and for individuals.

We are looking for volunteers to drive, either...

Their own cars - to drive individual people


Our own minibus fleet - to drive individuals and groups

We do bespoke transport, as well as a programme of services. Training and expenses are paid to volunteers. If you think you have time, want to make a difference, want to feel really valued and appreciated, want to build up your skills or improve your employability, then please do give us a call on 01484 860077 and ask for Paul, or email

Find out more about our charity at

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