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The Kirkburton Hub - REOPENS

The Kirkburton Hub has been closed to users since summer 2018, and in February 2019 has finally reopened.

The Hub was originally built with recycled building materials by a local builder when a row of old cottages were demolished, around 70 years ago. The users of the building have been reporting for some time some problems with certain attributes of the old building, and had really positive ideas to make it better, to hopefully attract in more of their users.

New porch at the Kirkburton Hub

The Denby Dale Centre, who own and run the Hub have listened to many suggestions and have attempted to implement as many of the ideas as practically possible. The refurb is now complete and the following changes have been included:


The old kitchen

The new kitchen with stainless steel worksurfaces, wide cooker and commercial dish-washer


The small porch, with leaking roof

The new porch has an accessible toilet built in


Downstairs meeting room, redecorated in 2017 by 15x 16-year-olds on their NCS project, pre-refurb

Meeting room with level floor disabled toilet


Concrete steps, with steep shallow depth have gone!

New staircase has mid-flight refuge, and is double the overall length with deeper steps

The Kirkburton Hub was offically reopened by the @HD8Voices community choir who performed during the monthly Coffee Morning on 2 March 2019 with nearly 70 members from the village.

Monthly Coffee Morning in March 2019


NEW - kitchenette in the main hall compromises a sink and drainer, water boiler for drinks, and four cupboards for mugs and plates

The Kirkburton Hub refurb was funded by the National Lottery Reaching Communities fund. In addition to the redevelopment of the building, the grant also covers a new social enterprise in the form of a new Training Centre who is selling competitively priced First Aid and Food Hygiene, but offer 50% discount to any community group, charity or church.


Further to the new training centre, the fund includes support to people who need support in their personal development.

The Denby Dale Centre would like to thank the patience of the neighbours and the tenants in the Hub during the building works and for the additional time the work had taken.

If you would like to hire the Kirkburton Hub, for adhoc use or regular booking, please visit our webpage or call 01484 860077 for more information.

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