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New Home for Rural Charity

Denby Dale charity who coordinated the local Covid Community Response has moved it's Head Office and Transport Office up a hill for a commanding view of Denby Dale and the famous viaduct.

The Denby Dale Centre has operated it's offices, a drop-in-centre and charity shop in Springfield Mill for the past 15 years; it is only the offices that have moved to this wonderful welcoming site at Westleigh House. The charity shop and drop in centre remain in Springfield Mill, however the charity shop has down-sized into just one unit in the mill, making it more manageable as a shop, and making a larger space for the drop-in-centre, so games and fitness groups can run from the mill.

We must thank @RS&sonsVanMan for their professional removal service, and for donating the removal fee back to the charity. They were so quick and careful with our furniture.

Feedback from our staff has been really positive as the new office is warmer and brighter, and for the first time in six years, has opening windows with light and fresh air creating a very positive place to work.

The move was completed by year-end ready to start a new financial year with a new home.

The charity continues to provide essential local services as the Covid restrictions start to ease off. The HD8 Community Helpline will be based at Westleigh House, who will coordinate:

  • Shopper service

  • Car transport

  • Minibus transport

  • Dementia services

  • Digital inclusion projects

  • Walkie Talkies (walking buddies)

  • Chatterbox (telephone buddies)

  • Film Club

  • Tea Dance

  • Cream Teas

  • Training Centre

  • Volunteer enquiries

  • Vaccination Transport

  • Community Pantry

  • Charity Shop enquiries

  • Refer callers to other community groups

  • List groups to online portals, who cannot do this themselves

  • ...and so much more.

The Helpline will help people find groups local to them in HD8, using the HD8 Directory and the Kirklees Directory; it can also help those groups who are digitally excluded to get themselves registered online for others to find them, and also to hold a register of community spaces for new groups to find accomodation in the different villages in HD8.

The Denby Dale Centre is now operating at the following locations:

  • Westleigh House, Denby Dale - Head Office and Transport Office

  • Springfield Mill, Denby Dale - Denby Dale Charity Shop and Training Room

  • Commercial Street, Skelmanthorpe - Skelmanthorpe Charity Shop

  • Savoy Community Centre, Skelmanthorpe - Skelmanthorpe Community Pantry

  • Kirkburton Hub, Kirkburton - Community Centre

  • Emley Community Centre, Emley - Dementia Groups

Over the coming weeks, the Denby Dale Centre is preparing to reopen groups that have been closed due to restrictions, and as these are lifted, we will see the return of old favourites like the Film Club and Tea Dance, but also see new sessions included too.

Westleigh House will also be the new home for Valleys Community Transport, the transport arm of the Denby Dale Centre. At present, this is where transport for vaccines are coordinated using our accessible minibuses and the volunteer car service.

Finally we would like to thank everyone who has supported the Denby Dale Centres activities, be it through it's pre-Covid activities, the Community Response due to Covid Restrictions, or more recently with moving our head office - we work among amazing people and businesses who have supported us to support others - thank you everyone.

If you are interested in volunteering to help make a difference for local people, or are someone who would like to know more about our projects and services, please either visit our website at or call our Helpline on 01484 860077.

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